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"Garage Sale" website solutions

Garage Sale - a sale of unwanted household goods held in the garage or front garden of someone's house.

Also, in a loft, shed, under the bed, filling up the spare bedroom etc.

Many of us acquire lots of objects over the years or inherit them from relatives - objects that have lost their relevance or attractiveness, have unhappy memories attached to them or are simply seen as a potential new source of income.

Of course there are places on the internet already where these can be disposed of, the primary one being eBay.

But, what if you don't want ...

  • to pay unnecessary fees
  • to be tied to someone like eBay's "preferred" payment service, PayPal
  • your personal information in relation to items you are selling, to be gathered by the selling service you are using, to be used in the future to define you as an individual and be a target for marketing from other businesses
  • the fact that the selling service will harvest personal information about your customers and thier buying habits, which could act as an inhibitor to them buying from you

The answer is simple - run your own online Garage Sale, whereby you decide

  • which categories of products you are selling
  • whether or not they have an adult (over 18) classification
  • what information you want to provide about each item
  • which payment methods you are prepared to accept, which can include cheque, bank transfer, online (e.g, PayPal etc.) or even cash
  • how anonymous you, as the seller, want to be
  • how anonymous (in terms of gasthering information online) you allow you customers to be

Why is this different to normal selling service such as eBay?

You are not actually selling online, so are not bound by the extreme legal constraints of running an online shop.

Instead you are inviting people to create a SHOPPING LIST of priced items whch you and the customer have the opportunity to negotiate an acceptable total price (where more than 1 item is involved), shipping cost and payment method.

This works best if you have a lot of items such as books, DVDs, records, magazines, ornaments, clothing, coins, stamps etc.

But it can also work for you if you know a lot of people and you can operate a "community" garage sale for yourself and on their behalf.