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all things to do with websites

It's probable now that most estsablished companies, non-profit-making organisations and self-employed individuals will already have a website; that just leaves a relatively small proportion of Internet "virgins", generally small to medium sized start-up initiatives.

However, whichever category you may fall into, you may still be needing

  • a new website
  • a makeover of an existing site
  • bespoke e-commerce
  • just a few extras that your current web developers cannot provide
  • an objective assessment of your existing site, before going to market to find an alternative supplier

Whatever you situation, Global Effect has a solution.

We can undetake any of the above and have an extensive list of site "add-ons" such as:

  • self-generate questionnaires / surveys / competitions
  • appointments services
  • bespoke shops
  • "Garage Sale" Sites for yourself or your clients
  • calendars
  • press releases
  • secure document archiving & dowloads

Whether or not you consider market experience to be relevant, we have (since 1996) a proven track record in:

  • exhibitions
  • magazines
  • fashion (both trade and retail)
  • legal (solicitors and barristers' chambers)
  • accommodation
  • general commercial
  • leisure
  • recruitment
  • travel
  • .... and more

Feel free to examine an extract of our client list

For standalone website hosting we recommend 123-reg, for their competitve pricing and outstanding support.

For more integrated hosting and complex IT solutions including fully managed IT suport, email via Office 365, cloud hosting etc., we are partnered with Keybridge IT solutions - if this is what you need, see our partners page for more information and contact details.