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our working methods, practices & policy

Developing an internet site is just like any other business activity -

  • it requires objectives to be set
  • responsibilities must be assigned and understood
  • there needs to be a monitoring of achievement against objective, with agreed milestones
  • it must have a budget

All of our bespoke solutions follow a similar pattern - carried out in three stages:

  • At stage one, in our initial fact finding meeting, we outline our full procedure - so that you are in no doubt as to how we would intend to proceed should you decide to use our company to fulfil your Internet requirement.

    Fact find, to agree

    • an understanding of your business
    • your target audience
    • your objectives for your Internet site
    • the benefits you believe your Internet site will bring your business
    • your corporate / Internet image
    • what information will be provided, how it will be supplied and how often it will be updated and by whom
    • who in your organisation will be responsible for liasing, providing material and responding to messages

  • By stage two, you would have already made the decision to use our services and agreed our proposal and costs and we schedule either a story-boarding session (if required) or commence design/development work.

    Design and Development

    • register domain name/s (if appropriate)
    • storyboard the site (if required)
    • receive information, graphics etc
    • design and set-up the site to include a home page, the site structure with associated pages and the information / graphics to be contained therein
    • post site under sub domain ( so that client may view how things are progressing and make comment as to the development direction (if required)
    • test procedures for updating information
    • client to research and Global Effect to set-up links to and from other complimentary and useful information sites (if appropriate)
    • HTML and site management training (if required) Note: any training required will be quoted and charged independently of this proposal

  • Stage three begins near the end of the design / development process. And by this time you would probably have had some further input into the shape of your site by way of discussing the content and layout with a developer on the telephone, whilst looking at your site on-line. This process continues until you confirm the completion of your site to your total satisfaction - you pay any final balance and we make you site live.

    Installation, Marketing & Feedback

    • test the site against various popular browsers
    • test the site against different screen resolutions and colour settings
    • place Internet site on the Internet and test live
    • advise on application for registration with search engines, having received from yourselves our completed search engine registration application form (if required)
    • advise on web marketing activity to assist in generating revenue from your web site via sponsorship and advertising (if appropriate)
    • development an expansion plan for the site (if required)
    • ask client to check the site thoroughly for inaccuracies
    • sign off site, as having been completed to client's satisfaction
    • establish post-mortem date, approximately three months after site goes live, to hold meeting to discuss the effectiveness of the site up to that time and any additional work that may be required