with Global Effect as your local internet partner, going global is child's play

We are Global Effect

... a small, highly motivated team with extensive, but individually, quite different, skillsets including:

  • basic website design
  • complex database development
  • graphic design
  • high volume "typesetting"

At Global Effect our experience of web site development and complex programming has proven, time after time, that we are more than capable of providing our clients with the depth of solution that is appropriate to their needs - and their budgets.

There are bigger companies out there that are better suited to taking on the larger project opportunities, but we will not outsource primary tasks to third parties simply to increase the scale of our business.

Having said that, for much of what we do we still rely on trusted partners and service providers (hosting, communications etc.) to ensure that our clients receive the best possible IT experience.

But be warned, we are a team that "tells it like it is" and do not hold back if we feel that a client or prospect is potentially going down a route that will ultimately restrict or harm their business in the future - in this respect we have lost, or not pursued, business opportunities but, if you a looking for an honest appraisal of your needs and a committed and professional approach to the solution, then give us a try.